Gigabyte Odin 470W for a AMD X3 445 + HD5770?

Hi all,

I would like to know if the Gigabyte Odin 470W would suffice for a entry level PC with an AMD Athlon II X3 445 and a Radeon HD 5770 512MB?

I know that the 470W is just the peak power and that the actual maximum is just 400W in total.
I've checked the ratings on the +12V rails and it can apparently deliver 15A on the one +12V rail, and with the HD5770 having a TDP of 108W it would be definitely be good enough in my opinion. The X3 445's TDP is 95W and from benchmarks that I've seen a similar PC would use less than 300W.

The main reason why I'm asking is because some people at the local PC shop's forum reckon that it would not be good enough. The shop doesn't have any other 450-600W power supplies in that range and I'm trying to help someone setup a real budget PC. The next cheapest and known brand PSU is the Thermaltake LitePower 400W for about 20% more. If you guys reckon it would be a better choice, I would appreciate it if you could point that out too.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. the thermaltake would not be a better choice

    luckily the ATI 5770 and athlon x3 are very power efficient. the odin states it has 29a on the 12v (i doubt that) but it should "suffice"
  2. Thanks CT1615. On paper the power supply is definitely good enough, but that's where the problem starts :(

    If anyone has links to reviews or PC's that's using the same PSU with roughly the same specs I would appreciate it very much.
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    this is about as close to a review as you can find on it
  4. Ai.

    Thats the same review that I saw already. It's not much of an review. It's more like stating what's written on the sticker.
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    nOK, I'll guess that the PSU would be good enough for such an entry level PC, but I certainly won't get it for my PC.
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