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is there any thing i an use to transfer purchased VHS videos ( Disney for example) to dvd which is copy protected
i have a vhd to DVD machine and i have been able to transfer much of my old VHS Purchased Videos to DVD but the Disney Collection i cnat transfer as it says it is protected any help would be great
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  1. What you're doing doesnt make much sense. With regard to quality, DVD is double the quality of VHS, but transferring VHS to DVD doesn't give you that native quality. You're better off buying the original DVD versions.

    But to answer your question, you would have to bypass the macrovision and I can't tell you how to do that because it's against the law. Search the Internet, it's out there.
  2. I know a bit about this, as I run a company that does this professionally (, and we've done thousands of VHS to DVD conversions.

    Dingo07 is right on. It only makes sense to do VHS to DVD conversions for tapes that are one of a kind (family archives), for quality & time issues.

    But as for legal issues, there are legitimate fair-use protections for making a personal copy, esp. when simply doing a format conversion for your own personal archive (not for any distribution or sale). But, getting around Disney's copy-protections is more trouble than buying a new DVD, by far.
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