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Hi, I'm having a issue with NAT settings and was hoping you guys could help. :)

I have a Linksys E3000 wireless N router. I have two Xboxes connected to the router, one wired, and one wireless.

I'm trying to get both of the Xboxes to have an open NAT, but I haven't had any luck. I spoke with a Cisco tech, and they had me do "Port Range Triggering" for 80 and 3074, change MTU to 1364, uncheck "Filter Anonymous Requests", and disable "Upnp". The best it would ever do is make the wired Xbox OPEN, and the wireless one Moderate. But it seemed intermittent, and sometimes the wireless Xbox would change to STRICT.

Could you guys maybe give me a hand?

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  1. im just taking a geuss here so dont hate me if im wrong but each xbox has its own IP so when your in the port opening page for your linksys router just name them xbox1 xbox 2 and give each the ip adress that they are assigned and open the required ports that you need

    that link if the mircrosoft page that tells u what ports you need to have opened for xbox live

    so just make sure u assign each one the specifc ip adress that belongs to each xbox! This can be found in your xbox's network settings and open up those ports and u should be nat OPEN for both
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