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Antec 300 cfm intake and exhaust

Last response: in Components
August 2, 2010 12:36:29 AM

Hey all. I've got an Antec 300 (not the illusion) and originally just salvaged some old fans and stuck em in the front and side.

Overclocked i5 750 with Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro Rev. 2 and overclocked GTX 470 air cooled meant I started wondering about extra fans :p 

Top 140mm (67cfm) and Rear 120mm (56 cfm) stock fans are both set to medium so combined they should be expelling 123 cfm. I've also got a Corsair TX 650 psu fan that's exhausting out the back; i dunno how much air.

So exhaust total cfm = 123 + ?????

Intake, I took a 120mm and 92mm fan from a Velocity Micro MX-2 case I gave to someone else and tacked the 120mm in front for intake and connected to the motherboard. The 92mm I stuck in the side and connected it to a 4 pin molex. The 92mm seems to have a higher cfm (could it be cause the 120mm is plugged into the mobo and is being supplied varying voltages?) but I don't know either's cfm cause I don't have the cases' manual *shrug

Soooooooooo question is about cfm intake and exhaust in this case. I've heard a bunch of argument about positive pressure vs. negative pressure but I'd like to hear your guys' opinions if it's worth it to buy new fans (replacing the two intake fans) and calculate cfm for those. Air cooling is important for my build but it runs at a decent noise now. I was just wondering if I could eke a bit more efficient cooling by tweaking the fans and airflow :D . Thanks!
August 2, 2010 12:58:41 AM

i have a similar set up

antec 300 with two antec tri-speed exhaust fans (120mm & 140mm)
two antec tri-speed intake fans up front
side is left open, I used a 3rd intake fan there (total of 5 antec tri-speed fans) but found it did little to help cool PC parts
all the fans set to low
the PSU is a corsair 600w

for me, that set up works great.

the DBA and CFM listing on those fans (or just about any other) are crap. they pull/push less air in the real world and some of the noise levels are almost laughable. I bought two different fans that stated 19dba, they where louder then any antec tri-speed I had on low.