My nvidia geforce 8400 problem

my nvidia geforce 8400gs with 512 mb memory problem with my games. whenever i run any game it destroy graphics any time. if i keep play game
than blue error appear and my system reset. is it card issue or compatibility problem i have dell dimension 8300 with ddr 1 ram and agp slot and card is pci express may be, i m using pci port for card. it destroy graphics of online game cross fire more than any local pc game. please tell me it is card issue or compatibility issue.
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  1. the card wont work in any slot then the one its designed for, so its either a PCI or AGP. Is this problem new?
  2. first i want to know sir it is pci card or pci express? it fitted in pci port and i reed in other websits that it is pci express card so may be it is compatibility issue.
  3. EVGA 512-P1-N724-LR GeForce 8400 GS 512MB 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Video Card
    GeForce 8400 GS 512MB GDDR2 PCI Chipset Manufacturer: NVIDIA
    Core Clock: 567MHz
    Stream Processors: 16
    Effective Memory Clock: 1000MHz
    Model #: 512-P1-N724-LR
    Item #: N82E16814130451
    Return Policy: VGA Standard Return Policy
    ty sir i have the same card evga ty for the link so i know it is pci card but it destroy graphics so it is my card problem i m going to perchase 6600 gt plz tell me about it it is bater than 8400 gs or not.
  4. 6600GT is better than a 8400GS!
  5. rolli59 said:
    6600GT is better than a 8400GS!

    But isn't that card ancient? It's sort of like telling someone to upgrade to a 7900....
  6. sk1939 said:
    But isn't that card ancient? It's sort of like telling someone to upgrade to a 7900....

    Although that would be a step up from the 6600GT.

    @OP look for a HD3870 AGP card IIRC it's the last and fastest of the AGP line from either company.
  7. the last AGP card I saw on Newegg was the ATI 4670, not as fast as the 3870 mentioned by mousemonkey but may be easier to find and not cost as much brand new

    The used market (ebay) may be your best friend to find a moderately priced card
  8. My Advice

    1...IPIBL-LA motherboard cost =$54.99 it will run your 8400 gs
    this simple motherboard will run even a
    gtx series cards..
  9. To: rolli59 6600GT is better than a 8400GS!
  10. wolfmetal79 said:
    To: rolli59 6600GT is better than a 8400GS!

    the two cards you selected in the side by side review; the 6600GT PCI-E but the OP has an AGP slot and the 8400m GS which is only available to laptops
  11. wolfmetal79 said:
    To: rolli59 6600GT is better than a 8400GS!

    Toms hierarchy chart 6600GT 3 tiers above discrete 8400GS and 4 tiers above the mobility card you are comparing with,2598-6.html
    Based on these words at the end of the article it is considered a viable upgrade;
    "You can use this hierarchy to compare the pricing between two cards, to see which one is a better deal, and also to determine if an upgrade is worthwhile. I don’t recommend upgrading your graphics card unless the replacement card is at least three tiers higher. Otherwise, the upgrade is somewhat parallel and you may not notice a worthwhile difference in performance."
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