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Hi all,

I've been looking around trying to find a replacement for my current headset, a $15 piece of crap from CVS.

Razer Barracuda
Logitech G35
Siberia V2
Tritton AX51 Pro

I'd prefer to spend less than 100, and I've found deals over the interwebs that give me these sets for sub 100.

Which is best and why?

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    The logitech. Its the only one of those which isnt overrated and overadvertised. I got one before my Sennheiser 350 and i was quite happy. Sound is nice and the mic is clear
  2. I have a G35 headset, and love it.

    build quality is a little less than it could be, but sound quality is excellent and directional audio is spot on.
  3. Much thanks
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