Noticeable difference between sound card and motherboard?

I just purchased this motherboard which supports my 5.1 speaker set.

Before I had this MB, my old MB only had 3 sound slots so I had to buy a sound card. I bought and had been using it since then.

But since I got this MB, should I just sell the sound card or is it better than the onboard sound from MB?
(I want to sell it to save up for DDR3 RAM)

Thanks a lot.
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  1. I have that motherboard and the sound's not bad, although the sound card would probably prove to be better. Note that if you plan on CFX/SLI later on, you can't use that sound card if you use dual slot cards.
  2. How do you plan to use the motherboard without DDR3 ram?

    99% of computer users wont notice a difference. Unless you have $500 speakers and need it to be crystal clear when cranked up to max volume, you wont notice much difference
  3. Well the PC isn't done yet, I'm buying it in parts (store in my town selling i7 930 for 200$ so I started collecting stuff)
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    O... i was hoping you didnt try to jam some DDR2 in there. If you have someone willing to give you like $50bucks for it... i'd sell it. If you can only get like $20 for it... for that price i'd just keep it and use it. I came across this on newegg today -

    That's insanely cheap. Not the best timings ever, but at least abotu average... but voltage leaves you some room to play with.
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  6. Sound is subjective. What 1 person thinks sounds great, the next will think sounds like total crap. Like all the boom boom booming speakers I hear in cars these days, I have no idea why anyone would want to set and listen that crap. Since you have the card, it seems irrelevant to ask peoples opinion, you can try it both ways yourself and see what YOU think sounds better.
    My 2 cents:
    Never buy a sound card if your board has sound, try the onboard first. If it doesn't do a good enough job for you, then start shopping for a sound card. Most people will do just fine with onboard sound, but not everyone.
  7. meh. never had a need for a sound card. running my $3.99 speakers :lol:
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