DELL XPS 9000 and HD 5870 (OEM video card) question...

Hi. I just bought a DELL XPS 9000 PC (hasn't arrived yet) that comes with a ATI HD 5870 video card. This PC comes with a 475 watts PSU as stock and with 3 year warranty. Anyway, I have read great reviews in most magazines praising how good and powerful the ATI HD 5870 card is. My current PC has a GTX 260. I have read that the HD 5870 almost doubles in performance the GTX285 so obviously it should double as well the GTX 260.
My question is, what to expect from this DELL machine? I have read some stories about DELL OEM video cards (like this HD 5870) not being as powerful as the "commercial" counterparts and so I am afraid that even tough I bought my DELL PC with a HD 5870, because of the "short" PSU and being the video card a OEM one I won't get THE SAME PERFORMANCE as if I bought the HD 5870 on a place like a That would be a shame because I have read that DELL XPS 9000 is NOT a gaming PC but on the other hand if I was to ask in a forum if my custom built PC with a HD 5870 video card could be a gaming machine most answers I would get were going to be positives telling my that that is a great and powerful gaming PC...
Would like to hear your opinions/help on this matter. Thanks!!
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  1. 475W PSU? Shady..

    They might have reduced the clocks of the HD5870, but other than that, no changes would have been made. Dell isn't an AIB to make those changes.

    Also, you'll get performance closer to 2xGTX260, not 2xGTX285.
  2. i think your PC, with an i7 CPU and ATI 5870, will be able to handle any game out there at excellent graphic performance, don't let buyer's remorse get to you.
  3. Dell notoriously under values their PSU, they peak well over their stated value
  4. Your PSU will blow up in a matter of months. My 435t PSU blew up in less than a week with a 1.8gb gtx 260.
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