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Hello, ive just obtained an old sony trinitron monitor and im having trouble getting a picture to display. The monitor is an cpd e500 21'. It works fine set up as a second monitor connected to my laptop but when its connected to my tower i dont get an image.

My laptop has a geforce 8200m graphics card and the tower has a geforce 8400 gs card.

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  1. What is your tower's video resolution, refresh rate and color depth set to?
  2. Resolution is set at 1024x768 refresh rate is 60hz colour depth is 32 bit
  3. It should work unless you are plugging it into a dead port. Get a dvi to vga converter. As for res it is ok for a crt but refresh rates should be higher. 85hz on my crt screens.
  4. Cheers for the help guys got it sorted now. It wanted the resolution to be set at 1280x1024.
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