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I've been thinking of getting a new PC for awhile now and have been researching the matter for the last 2 weeks. The whole i5-750 or X4-955BE argument on power vs longevity. I've pretty much settled on the X4 as my processor of choice now I just need some simple answers.

First off is the MoBo, whats the best cost/quality option that gives me room to expand in the future if necessary and with most of the newest tech on it. Keep in mind that I also plan to OC it.

Second, the Ram. I was figuring 1600 DDR3 2x2 Kit, but from what brand and is 1600 the best choice for the setup.

Next off is the GPU, I was planning on a single ATI 5770 1GB atm, but will Crossfire it within the next year. Is there any brand preference between the cards or a better choice entirely.

Lastly the case, my old case is a just too cramped with my current config, so with a new one, and Crossfire down the road, its gotta go. I was looking into the 300 Series Antecs, but it doesnt have a frontside eSata, and the CM Scout is just ugly with those red LEDs. Any other options?

For the PSU, I still have my trusty 750W Thermaltake so thats a pass.

For the HD, I still have my 640GB Caviar Black so thats a pass. I was thinking though, down the road to get a single platter Raptor or should I just wait for SS drives.

TIA for the help.
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  1. If budget willing i'd rather hit that x4 with something like a
    Gigabyte 870A-UD3 or
    MSI 870A-G54
    and try to hit just the one HD 5850 and stick to single GPU solutions down the road ^^
  2. Ram - Gskills makes high quality ram at affordable prices
    Gpu - XFX is the brand i prefer double lifetime warranty and excellent support
    +1 batuchka for 5850 vs. 5770 cf
    My favourite mid-range case is the Coolermaster 690ii basic
  3. Nice case, I like that.

    Quick question though on the Ram though and to OC it in general. What Ram config is the most stable when overclocking? And is there a nice OC guide, I'm at work atm and don't really got the time to look around. Thx.
  4. This article explains the terminology that motherboard manufacturers use in their BIOS and what it will mean to the overclocking user. It's something of a pain, but it will help you understand what your BIOS is referring to when you bump one voltage or another.

    Your motherboard may automatically set the voltage and timings of your RAM say 1.5v 1333 9-9-9-24. It will be up to you to adjust the voltage, speed and timings from your BIOS and to what the RAM manufacturer says.

    ^ just an example
  5. Hmm thanks, am still a little confused on which Cas(x) ram to get (7,8 or 9), but I've decided on the Gskill Ripjaws. The voltage and timing is somewhat of a grey area too, but i'll tackle that once I get the parts and tinker. But I've been reading on the cooling, which is tantamount to a stable system.
    So far I'm looking at:

    Gigabyte 870A-UD3 with the x4 965BE (took a step up on the chip for $20)
    GSkill Ripjaws 2x2GB 1600 (just gotta figure out the Cas)
    Coolermaster 690 KKN1-GP
    XFX 5850 1GB

    Now I just gotta figure out the cooler. Does anyone have a similar system, who can recommend a good HSF that would physically fit in this setup? I heard some of the better ones are large and cumbersome.
  6. I've used this ram in a 1156 setup and it will work for AMD as well! nice ram!

    used this hsf in CM 690II with above ram no issues
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