Optimum screen resolution error of motherboard DG41RQ

i have motherboard DG41RQ when i installed the drivers then they were successfully installed but whenever i started the game NFS most wanted the graphics changes the screen color changes to black & white.. when i quit the game there is a pop up error(i.e please select optimum resolutin ) automatically shown on task bar at graphics option.
whenever i play small games there is no problem.
so what is the problem.......
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  3. i installed the drivers that u given in the link, but it doesnt effect, Last time i was not mentioned the full error i.e ((a pop up error--This is not the optimal screen resolution for the primary display device.The optimal resolution is 1024 * 768.Click this notification for more information)),this is come when any game is closed this error appears on task bar as notifacation. I have the drivers CD which is coming with my DG41 motherboard. This motherboard have inernal graphics 256MB , so why NFS most wanted,prince of persia 4 are not playing on my PC.
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