In need of a GPU that supports blu ray, no gaming, and 50 inch display

We currently have a nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS and we are experiencing a lot of stuttering when a blu ray is played. We have this in a multimedia machine that is connected to a 50 inch Sony HDtv. Our CPU's, which is a dual core 2.0 I think, usage goes through the roof during blu ray play back as well. Our OS is Windows 7. I have looked at the N9600GT-512MX-P, but it says that it is made for Vista. Could we possibly use this one, or is there a better option out there? We do not need one made for gaming, just blu ray playback support. This is really starting to get frustrating to say the least. The skipping is happening when there are fast action scenes or cgi graphics in the film. GRRRRRR!!!!! Please help, all suggestions are welcome!

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  1. I'd look into an ATI 4770, the upside is that this one will also push sound via HDMI (something geforce still can't)
    $90 XFX 4770
  2. POWERCOLOR Radeon HD 5450 should get the job done well and it's only $45 with free shipping.

    HD 5450 Blu-ray decode performance benchmark
  3. The 8800 GTS . should have this covered. What player are you using.


    * Full support for both Microsoft® DirectX 10 and DirectX 9 for unparalleled levels of graphics realism and performance
    * NVIDIA PureVideo™ HD2 technology provides unsurpassed Blu-ray and HD DVD movie picture quality
    * NVIDIA 8 Series graphics processors are essential for accelerating the best Microsoft® Windows Vista™ experience
  4. We are using Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 Ultra for the software and the blu rays are being pulled from our home server, not the actual disc. We are looking into WinDVD Pro for the new playback software. We had this issue before with PowerDVD 7 and just updated the software. Now we have version 10 and it has been messed up from day one. Notty22, any suggestions for a fix. I really don't like Cyberlink.
  5. PureVideo is not supported in 8800 series cards based on the G80 chip due to an error in the silicon. G92 based cards should support it though. If you want stutter free play, then go with a Radeon 5670. A 5450 is o.k for 720p, but it may stutter a bit on 1080p.
  6. I have a 4770 with a external HD DvD drive using a old version of cyberlink power dvd 7.3 (new ones don't support HD dvd, licensing).
    You could have a couple different problems, to narrow this down hook a monitor to the computer playing the disc.

    If your playing files , you could try using what I use. k lite codec pack full install. It will install MPC home theatre player. This is all free software thats updated constantly. It should play your files with hardware acceleration. The 8 series cards are what alot of that software is written and tested for.
  7. Well I take that back, technically G80 chips had VP1 which provided a little HD acceleration, but it's inferior to the VP2 acceleration found in the G84,G86, and G92 chips. In other words, it doesn't really help too much :D.

    Yeah get a Radeon 5670
  8. megamanx00 said:
    A 5450 is o.k for 720p, but it may stutter a bit on 1080p.
    The 5450 should not stutter at all during any Blu-Ray 1080i playback.
    A 5670 is double the price and uses a more power to get the same result.
  9. An integrated HD 3200 won't stutter during 1080p Blu-ray playback if you are careful, a damn Intel GMA 500 will play 1080p pretty smoothly with a good codec.
  10. Here are some Blu-Ray benchmarks for a Sapphire HD 5450 card and CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 9.0.2320 .

  11. I would agree you really need minimal performance to play blue ray, i mean even my integrated hd 4500 on my lappy will play 720p pretty easily so even the most bottom of the line card will be just fine to offload the majority of the load onto the gpu, save some money and power and go with the 5450
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