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So I recently got myself a new laptop, and so I pulled out it's hdd and moved it's OS to a new SSD I bought via my old Desktop computer. That one works fine and is not my problem. My problem is this: I installed Paragon Migrate OS to SSD on my desktop, which has a Kingston SSDNow 100 in it. Last night, I was in a major rush, and I quickly booted my PC up to grab a file, and when I shut it down, Paragon popped up saying something. Like a fool, I did not read it, and clicked whatever just to make my PC shut down. Now, my SSD does not show up anywhere. I got a *No boot device* the first time I started up this morning. I tried putting it in an external, I have done a barebone install of windows on another HDD just to see if I can see it in storage devices, and I have tried a HDD unlock. All to no avail. Does anyone have any advice on recovery this drive? I have data on there I'd like to get back, but if the means involves loss of be it.

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  1. Do you see the drive in Disk Management? If you do, it's probably OFFLINE. Click ONLINE and see if that helps.
  2. No, Drive does not show up in disk management, BIOS, or anywhere. I thought it may be locked, but no software I try will see it to unlock it.
  3. dead.
  4. I was scared of that...I hate dealing with RMA's. this rate, i'm gonna have too.
  5. crisan_tiberiu said:

    + 1
  6. I do not think it is dead. You say there was a popup, you ignored it and then after that SSD no longer works. Unless it asked you to self destuct I doubt it is a dead drive. Try plugging it into another SATA port, if no luck try a different computer.
  7. There's ony a couple reasons it will not show up in the BIOS:
    - not connected to sata port / bad cable
    - no power
    - BIOS is too old to recognize it
    - dead drive

    OP already stated he tried connecting it to another system and it didn't recognize it either
  8. try seeing if the ssd tools from the vendor sees the drive...he may have to de a flash and wipe to get the drive to work. some drives if a flash bug issue....can be fixed with a reflash.
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