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hello and good day

i'm don't know anythin much about graphics card n such but i want to connect 2 different graphic card on my system with an SLI bridge connector, and was wandering if it's possible
i have the xfx geforce 8500GT 1gb and the geforce 9600GT 1gb
main board- P35D3 platinum MSI
processor- 2.4 ghz core 2 duo intel
ram- 3GB DDR3
os- windows vista extreme

any answers would be greatly appreciated
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  1. You can't do that because they are two different GPU's and the P35 chipset does not support SLi anyway so it would not have been possible even if they were the same.
  2. ^+1 can't do it.

    I would say you could use the 8500GT as a physX card, but it's too slow to even do that. Sorry, but that 8500GT is pretty useless and you would need an SLI board to add another 9600GT to your system. Even if you did that, you wouldn't get too much benefit without overclocking your CPU.
  3. I'm not sure that an 8500GT can even be used for a PhysX card, the Nv site lists an 8600GT/GTS as being the minimum required so the 8500 might not be recognised as a PhysX card by the drivers.
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