I have no disks can i still use recovery console

Hi people!
I have a question about trying to use recovery console in win xp sp3. I do not have my cds. Can I still use recovery console? I had a pretty bad trojan malware and adware infection and i would much rather just do a factory reset or system restore or something along those lines but like I said I can't find my cds. I have run malware bytes, spybot s&d, ccleaner, anvi and also avast as well as avg (all installed and used seperately). I also tried super anti spyware and a few other programs i can't remember at this moment. I even ran autoruns and wasn't exactly sure what to do with the info so i didn't do anything with it. Please help me out here. I have been working on this literally night and most of the day for over 10 days now. I am exhausted and really need help. Thank you in advance for anything you can assist me with! :cry:
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  1. enter in safe mode in your windows and remove the trojan from there .

    during startup of computer press F8 or F6 continually until you get the options menu in dos .

    Then choose : log in in safe mode .
    after you log in use a program to remove the malware or trojans .
    It is advice that you have those programs to clean your computer on an independent usb pen .
    i say this because if you have virus in your pc then those cleaning programs are problably infected .

    Get malwarebytes and ccleaner .
    and run them .
    good luck .
  2. Without the CD's, you won't be able to replace any infected or corrupted system files.
  3. if you think you have virus then you must use antivirus .
    get avp tool and run it in safe mode like i told you .
    Dont worry about the infected files for now .
    you can get avp tool here :
    Try to log in safe mode , and see if you can get in to windows .

    Other option is you have another computer with antivirus installed and remove the disk from infected computer and install it on the non infected computer for clean , and then put it again after cleaning .

    first enter in safe mode and then write here what it happened .
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