Pentium 4 special PSU?

Does a Pentium 4 require a PSU that is compatible with P4? I dont know where or when i saw it, but i think that the PSU has some kind of special power connector made for the Pentium 4? or is this bullshit?
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  1. Hello eilif;

    The Pentium 4 PSUs get power through the motherboard - not directly from the PSU.
    So basically, the PSU has to match the motherboard requirements.
    Since Pentium 4s came in both socket 478 and socket 775 versions the motherboard power connectors can be slightly different.
    Example socket 478 motherboard with AGP graphics slot might have a 20pin ATX power connector and a 4 pin ATX aux aux power connector. A socket 775 motherboard might have a 24pin ATX power connector and either a 4pin ATX or 8 pin EPS aux CPU power connector.

    It would be more correct to say you match the PSU to the motherboard requirements than to the CPU requirements.
  2. ok well it is pretty much a useless thing when it says P4 COMPATIBLE on the psu. it doesnt mean much. as long as it is a normal atx psu it will work.
  3. a used atleast 3 psu's with my old P4(775 socket) one year ago... i don't have any problem at that time.... so it's a useless thing....(NOW I UPGRADED MY PC.....)
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