8800 gtx vs 9800 GTX+

Alright i currently have a difficult decision.. kinda lol but i need your opinions

used evga 8800 gtx -$70
used 6months evga 9800 gtx+ not registered i guess 1 year warrenty- $85
new EVGA 9800 GTX+ 129.99-bing 15.5- 30 rebate=84.49
which one should i get? i mostly play games at 1280x720 and i might want to play at 1920x1080 but i rarely find myself playing it at this resolution maybe one day.
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  1. I would do the new 9800GTX+ (you might want to look at prices on GTS250 it is basically the same card). There have been issues showing up with the older 8800GTX cards starting to go out so it is not worth the risk and buying a new card versus used for the same price is an easy decision.
  2. 9800GTX+.
  3. 9800gtx+
  4. I forth the new 9800GTX+
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