RAID0 improved reliance

So I have a great system.

1xSSD (OCZ agility III) as my Windows boot drive
2x2TB HDD as RAID0
1x 500GB for ISO's/MP3
1x 3TB for backups of the RAID0 volume.

unfortunately recently my system has been throwing a hissy fit every now and again after a year of great service to me ;-)

Whilst I have imaged the entire system (RAID0 volume and SSD) - I know I can say for example buy another drive, RAID them together and restore the image.

Problem: ideally I dont want to do this because of how long it takes and my system is a critical system.

It's also difficult for me to know what is going wrong when I get a stop error (kernel data inpage error) x7A as I dont know if it is an HDD failing and if so which one but also if it is the motherboard storage controller failing causing this to happen.

so anyway, Ideally i want a system/setup (if its possible) where I can still have the performance of RAID0 (my drives are combined showing 3.5/4TB of storage - I guess this is normal RAID0 setup/config) but also have it backing up like mirroring or something?

so if an HDD fails, I can swap it out and let it rebuild it and continue as normal.

does such a setup exist? if so how does one go about implementing it?
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  1. Many options, e.g. RAID10 (i.e. RAID1 + 0)
  2. ok, can you explain more than that please?
  3. thanks. I did read that but still need some explanation:

    what exactly is the configuration needed to do what I am asking?
    how does one go about doing it in the current state of the system without having to reformat and reinstall?
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