Slimline SATA DVD drive...hmmmm


Using an LG slimline sata drive. Connected apapter to it so that gets power from floppy connector.

Plug sata into mobo power on

Drive open and stays open. Close it, tries to read, no disk, so spits tray out again

Put a disk in, then power on, it will read the disk (and if it bootable, will allow me to install windows from it)

But if the disk drive is empty, when trying to POST it spits out the tray, or POST hangs....

Please help, got a nice new system and cant get a DVD drive to work!
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  1. Try using a SATA power cable instead of the floppy power adapter.
  2. I would do that but its slimline its shorter than a standard sata power cable. Thats why I purchased this adapter specifically made for these drives.

    Driving me crazy thought. if there's a disk in, it will POST, read disk, install of disk

    Try starting now disk, POST hangs and keeps spitting out tray if you close it

  3. Hmm says it's sata 1.5, will that have anything to do with it, considering my mobo (and all pretty much) are sata 3
  4. Just ordered one of these, to add a power supply and graphics card to a new HP coreI-5 system... Hope this works and will keep you posted
  5. Return the one you bought as faulty mate.
    Buy one of these for a fiver.

    StarTech 6 Pin Slimline SATA Female to SATA Male Adapter
  6. *cough*necro*cough*
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