i am planning to buy an ati HD4850 vid card i would like advice about what brand and model to buy.
i have already looked at the xfx cards and i like them alot any other ideas? I need an affordable 1gb small card not lo profile but pretty thin
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  1. All of the 4850s if you can find them are dual-slot cards and are basically all the same ecxcept for maye warrenties and clock sppeds (overclock vs. stock clock). If I may ask do you specifically neeed a 4850 or are you willing to go a little higher?
  2. below 130 dollars prefferibly
  3. There's an HD5770 that's $135. I heavily advise you grab that instead.
  4. is it thin? like 2in thin
    On most games this card would outperform the 4850, but usually by <10%.
  6. Not sure about 2 inches thin but I would agree with shadow if you got money to spend, 2 inches in height is a little high for a card, looking at PowerColor's website both our cards are the same height.
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    Go for the 5770. Im kicking myself @ the moment for buying A sapphire 4850 instead.
    Direct X11 And shader model 5.1/5.0 Are worth the extra cash
  8. go for the 5770. Its equal to HD 4870/GTX 260 so its quite a bit better than the obsolete 4850. Also you get DX 11, eyefinity and tons more.
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