CORE i7 980x FRIED?

I recentently put together a pc...

asus p6t7 motherboard

core i7 980x

intel 80 gb ssd

Water cooling : Danger Den CPU block, radiator, lang

I tested the water cooling for a while and there were no leaks and everythign was running smoothly. The first time i used the PC for more than 20 min. it froze up so i shut it down immediately. I saw there was a leak where the cpu block was.. so i took care of what excess water i could and i disconnected everything including the cpu and let it out to dry for a while. It seems that the tubing from the water cooling heated up a lot and loosened up the connecttion to the cpu block. The CPU block was steaming hot when i took it off.

After everything dried i reinstalled everything and the computer seemed to start up fine until i realied that i had forgotten to connect the SSD. So i shut it down, connected the SSD and then started it back up and now the computer will not boot at all. It looks like it is about to boot up and then it shuts down and i get a CPU_DIAG error on the mobo that flashes on and off.

I looked at the bottom of the CPU and 3 of the connections have a small black dot in the center.

IS MY CPU completely fried???

Why did it work the first time i put it in( small black dots and all ) and then gave me errors when i connected the SSD?

ANY help will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. did you try disconnecting the ssd again? ps u always want to ensure the waterblock connections are fastened as tight as possible

    disconnect evrything from the board and just use essentials cpu board ram, psu, power sw connector, and try it, i doubt you fried the cpu, ps i suggest you get an air cooler for all tests until we findthe problem, ps se if you can clean off the black spots
  2. highly unlikely since u dried the mobo n cpu, bot it could b that there was some small abount of moisture in the sockrt or voltage regutalor/capacitor causing overvolting of the cpu. this could fry ur clu ehen u 1st turned it on.

    give us a pic of the cpu if possible....but i don think its burnt. coz then u could smell it
  3. Something sounds fried to me, that sucks.

    Leak testing should be done for 24 hours, with the LCS in place and no power to the MB.
    If a leak occurs the componenets should be allowed to dry for 24 hours.

    You claim " a while " for both, not good practice.

    If the pump was running at the time of the leak, you probably had a pretty good amount of water sloshing on the board.
    It's possible, as stated already, that there was still moisture in the cpu or socket and you starting the system gave it the extra jolt it needed to fry something.

    Fittings should be finger tight and then a quarter turn with a wrench, heating up isn't going to loosen them at this point.

    Easiest way to figure out what's bad would be to try the cpu in another board.
  4. First time I was reading this post my hair stood up on my back... if that happened to me I would slit my wrists and hang myself.

    Any news?
  5. To properly dry electronics, including cell phones, it takes 24 hours at room temp. A table fan gently circulating air around it helps.

    In winter, when outside temps are freezing, allow a few hours for delivered packages to equalize to room temp before opening, and especially before connecting power to it.
  6. Thanks for your help guys... i bought another board from micro center and tested the cpu out. GOOD NEWS! system started up with no problems. I was able to return the board to micro center and ASUS gave me an RMA without a problem at all. hopefully in 10 days time i should be back in business.
  7. Glad to hear it wasn't the cpu.
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