Nvidia 480 Series... This doesn't add up....

The 480 series recommend AT LEAST 42 Amps on a 12v rail....

PSUs like:


Antec TPQ-1200 Have six 12v rails, but only 38 amps per rail.... This doesn't match the requirement.

How the hell can that advertise compatibility with the 480s?!?!!
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  1. A GTX480 won't use more than 30A on the 12v unless overclocked nicely. The 42A thing is because you'd need some room for the CPU to run too. A GTX480 and a Phenom II/i7 won't exceed 42A.

    On that, each rail is distributed. One rail can fuel the card, while the other fuels the CPU. Basically it can give each card 38A, instead of having to share with the CPU (which will get its own 38A).
  2. That power supply actually has about 98 amps on all the rails for you to use so you are fine. Also the 42 amps rating is for the ENTIRE system including the card.
  3. The key number you want to look at when choosing a PSU is the combined 12V rail amperage. Unfortunately, that is rarely given in the specs (only on the label). However, newegg often takes a picture of the label. Just find the combined 12V wattage and divide by 12(V). You will get an amperage much greater than 42 amps.
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