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Because my computer went off automatically, I was told that it probably had dust on the fan. Having cleaned it the problem remained. I was then told that maybe the Ram slots on the Motherboard were also dirty, take them out and clean them too.
My problem is that with not taking enough notice I maybe put them into the wrong slots or maybe even upside down. How do I find out if this is the case because I get warnings from my Computer that somethings wrong, and it seems to have slowed down somewhat. Any help would of course be greatly appreciated. Thanks. PeterGeeky
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  1. They'll only fit in one way up.

    What motherboard?
  2. Can you specify more information about the guts of your PC? OS ur using?


    1. Make sure you have the correct type of memory module for your system.
    2. Make sure the module does not exceed the maximum capacity supported by your motherboard. You can check with the motherboard's manual what capacity is supported.
    3. Make sure the module is firmly seated in the slot with the clips locked in. Clean away any dust to ensure good contact between the module and the slot.
    4. Make sure the processor and graphics card are firmly seated. They may have been accidentally dislodged by you while installing the module.
    5. Check that each module installed on the motherboard is not defective and are not in conflict with one another. Test by first removing all modules from the motherboard. Install each module by itself on the motherboard and try to boot the system. If everything appears to work properly, then install one module, then add back the remaining modules one at a time, booting up the system between each addition, to find any possible sources of conflict.

    Cited from: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/275873-30-memory-please-read-posting - lots of good stuff in there about how memory works and why.
  3. PreferLinux said:
    They'll only fit in one way up.

    What motherboard?

    ^+1 Need to know the MOBO, different chipset/socket MOBO use different DIMM slots. Yeah, there's only one way to insert them, but always make certain they're properly seated and both the DIMM slots and RAM contacts are clean.

    I use Isopropyl alchol to clean & dampen the RAM and insert damp, remove + clean and repeat.

    This problem too could be from incompatible, damaged or improperly BIOS set RAM.
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