2.8GHz core i5 Quad-Core vs 2.93 core i7 Quad-Core


Can anyone help me put these processors into a real world usage comparisson? I'm not a gamer, but will be playing and editing various forms of multi-media. I'm not terribly worried about the pricing difference, but it seems to easy to just purchase the higher spec. Is Hyper Threading the only practical difference beyond processor speed? If so, where does HT come into play?

These two processors come to mind from the new iMac's announced last week, but if I were to build a windows/linux system, my question would be the same.

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  1. If pricing is not a factor then better to get the i7 875k.. It has unlocked multipliers for easier overclocking along with hyper threading.. Hyper threading is useful for some programs which can exploit more than 4 threads.. Don't know much about multimedia softwares.. 3DS Max can use HT..
  2. i 7 always wins
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