Bad PSU or mobo? Here are the symptoms

Hello, so I've recently started to have an issue with my computer.

What it will do is, it will power up, but not have a video output.
I can see the fan rotating, and it will read the HDD once and the fan will keep going with nothing else happening.
When the bootup is a success, the fan will get louder and I'll get a video output

I've initially thought the PSU was the problem so I took out my cd rom drive and ethernet adapter as well as my graphics card which will take a considerable load off the psu, but the problem still persists. Of course, the fan has gotten quieter as a result

Is it possible for a bad psu to behave such a way? or does this sound more like a motherboard issue?

What do you guys recommend for replacing a bad mobo? my tower is rather small and I think I might need to buy a case to fit a new mobo if I were to get one.

Let me know what you guys think the issue may be. Psu or Mobo.

Thank you
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  1. You need to list the power supply specs. Many oem systems come with less than 300 watts. Some emachines and hp 250w units can fail easily with any upgrade.
  2. my PSU says peak : 300W Rated: 250W

    I have been running a 512mb 9600GT on it which may have put a lot of strain. I bought the computer from a friend of mine used. He had the same spec but he wasn't much of a gamer. I am, so I probably did put my 9600GT close to its max consumption of 140W. which wouldn't leave much for the rest of the things in there.

    EDIT: So in your opinion, are the symptoms something a faulty PSU would cause? Or does it sound more like a mobo issue? I'm on my way to pick up a new PSU to test it out at the moment and I really hope it is the psu. But I have to be prepared for the worse
  3. It could be either.
  4. if it was working before and now its not working and it posting no video output - I'd swap the video first to something lesser or its equivalent based on your PWS output.. sounds like it could use an upgrade to 400 or 450w PWS. Both might run 50.00 total.

    If your getting no video output - have you tried putting another video card in there to rule out the GPU? That way you rule out any possibility of Video card death.
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