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Hello to all who use this site.I am a newbie and find it very helpful.I have recently finished collecting parts to build a game ready pc.I knew nothing at all about pc's before i started ,and I think that is VERY evident in some of the parts i chose.At fist i just wanted the minimum specs to Modern warfare 2 , I now realize i have a LOT of upgrading to if I to play these type of games as they were intended.Anyway these are my specs and any suggestions you may have upgrading or whatnot would be very much appreciated.Thank-you.

Socket 939 motherboard
3200+ amd processor
40GB SATA Hard Drive
7800GT NVIDIA GeForce Graphics card
Pioneer DVD/RW
Full Tower with 550W PSU

I am really hoping to play MW2 ,but am quite worried about....well,everything basically.
All comments are welcome ,and once again Thank-you
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  1. Hmm we need a lot more details like:

    1. What resolution u gaming on and/or planning to hit a new LCD perhaps?
    2. Budget
    3. Is that a SATA DVDRW
    4. WHat model 550W PSU

    yada yada
  2. hi,I dont know what resolution im gaming on.no plans for lcd screen.
    my budget?not sure, what should i spend money on?
    it is an old dvd-rw
    its a atx midi 502 tower(transformer model)
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