SSD failure? New to computer soft/hardware.

So a few months ago I puschased a hardware upgrade kit from newegg. In the kit was an ocz vertex2 60g ssd. I reformated my hard drive and set it up as a slave drive and installed windows 7 64bit on the ssd. It worked flawlessly for about 2 months. One day upon start up it would freeze at the part where my motherboard info comes up, i could not get into the bios or anything. It detected that there were no drives hooked up to my pc. I then disconnected the ssd and reinstalled windows on my regular hard drive, no issues works fine now. With the massive performace increase off the ssd, I cant see myself with out one. Any insight on my problem would greatly be apreciated. keep in mind i am not the most tech savey person, I did install the new motherboard and cpu that came in my kit with no problem.
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  1. Check your SSD firmware, you need update to V1.37:,_Vertex_LE,_Agility_2/

    If after you update the SSD firmware, the PC can boot up, you don't need update your MB BIOS. Otherwise you need update BIOS too.
  2. You need to upgrade the firmware on your Vertex 2 to version 1.37.
    It also wouldn't hurt to update your motherboard's BIOS to the latest version.

    Download OCZ's Toolbox on your HDD and update the firmware on your SSD.

    Your HDD needs to be in AHCI mode in order to update the SSD. If you were in IDE mode when you installed Windows on your HDD then you cannot change SATA modes unless you edit the Windows Registry file.

    Here's a link on how to edit the Windows Registry file:
  3. First, you bought one of the most failure prone SSDs ever. They claim new firmware is an improvement. I hope it is but I suggest doing more research next time. Second, SATA drives do not install as "slaves". That term is limited to IDE HDDs. Finally, IMHO speed is not the major reason to use an SSD. Yes, it's faster but the long range benefit is reliability and durability. No moving parts. The only time you notice the increase speed is on booting and program launch and after a few days the speed increase is no longer even noticed.
  4. The reason I went with this upgrade kit was that my house was kit by lightening. my comp's surge protector did its job but from what i can tell a surge of power went threw the net since the only thing on my comp that was fried was the ether net port on the mother board
  5. Thanks for the input, I will try the firmware upgarde
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