MSI 770 C45 Issue. Anything I am missing?

Well I built a machine with this board for a friend last year. The machine was working fine up until about 2 months ago. Friend told me it will not turn on. So I finally got around to looking at the machine the last week and all I can come up with is the board is dead.

When I turn on the machine all that happens is the fans power up and 4 blue LEDS on the board light up. No POST or error codes no matter what I do. Tried different working video card, ram, power on with and without any ram at all and all the slots etc. Same result no matter what.

At first I assumed it maybe it was the power supply so I took a working known working one (the one in my main machine) and tried with the same result.

Next thing I intended to do was try it out of the case but I did not get around to doing that yet.

The board is paired with a x3 710. It was never overclocked/unlocked. Airflow and temps system wide great. I do not have a spare AMD board/cpu to isolate those two components and I highly doubt it is the CPU.

Am I having a brainfart and missing something here?
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  1. Tried resetting bios?
    only thing you haven't mentioned so far, might be a place to start, and try memtest on the ram too.
  2. I can't get into the BIOS. It will not post. I tried to reset it by pulling the battery and with the jumper. The ram is fine. I tested it in this now not working machine when I built it as well as somebody else's machine when they had a ram issue.

    The only logical thing I can think off is one of the drunken fools that was over my friends house knocked the machine over or something. Or the board is just a piece of trash and died on its own.
  3. The thing with components is yes you tested it when you built it,
    but to be certain its not the problem now, you need to test it now,
    I do think your mate probably isn't being 100% with you and something may have happened A la Drunken fools,
    Breadboarding seems to be the next step then, Heres a handy link to help if needed,
    sections three and four will be of most help,
    failing that looking like an Ex-Motherboard for whatever reason.
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