Hd4870 crossfired with hd4670?

Can I crossfire a 4870 with a 4670?
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  1. nope, you need two of the same model
  2. like a 4650 and 4670 or two 4670's
  3. I guess I'll have to find another 4870!
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    two 4870, or two 4670, or two 4650
  5. will a single 4870 play crysis on high settings? this is the card I plan to use for now the 4670 is on ebay
  6. I am an owner of a 487o now, and I really love it. Yes you will be able to play crysis on high, but we also have to know your processor. If it is high clocked dual core, a triple core, or a quad core, than you are good.
  7. it's a triple core amd black edition heka 2.8 ghz
  8. You should be fine but if I where you at least crank that CPU up to 3 ghz or if u want 3.3 ghz .
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