Installing an SSD help.

Hello forum user's! I am in need of some professional help.

I am building a new computer soon, and i am going to get a Crucial 128gb SSD.

The thing is, i have absolutely NO idea how to install or optimize it. If anyone has any information or a website that i could refer to, it would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. You didn't mention what motherboard model you have but if your motherboard has SATA 3 (6Gb/s) ports, connect the SSD to one of them for maximum performance.

    SATA ports can have 3 settings (modes): IDE, AHCI, & RAID. Make sure the port your SSD is connected to is in AHCI mode for best performance.

    If you are installing Windows as your O/S then don't connect any other drives besides your SSD until after installation is complete.

    Also run WEI (Windows Experience Index) after installation. It will automatically disable disk defragmenting of your SSD.

    There are about half a dozen other tweaks you can do but they're not really necessary with your current generation SSD.
  2. Okay, uhm, is there anything in the BIOS that i would have to do to partition it?
  3. No, let Windows format the drive automatically during the installation process.
  4. Okay, Thank you Dereck47! I appreciate it!
  5. No problem!
  6. -Make sure ur SSD is on AHCI mode in bios.
    -Disable the disk defrag in window coz it will shorten ur SSD life.
    -Disable sleep/hibernate mode in windows so that u have more space.
    -Check whether TRIM function is turn ON.
  7. Thank you ttcboy for making it simple, the TRIM function, do i turn that on in the BIOS?
  8. I have answered this exact question too many times - I think I am just going to keep a saved word doc with the details.

    Anyways, here's my recommendations:

    -Update BIOS to the newest version supported for your motherboard
    -Confirm that your SSD is running the latest firmware - may require connecting it to another computer and install a client to push firmware to the drive
    -Disconnect any drives other than your SSD and boot drive (DVD/BD/etc.)
    -Boot to BIOS and make sure you have AHCI enabled under SATA settings
    Install your operating system (preferrably Win7x64 Pro or Ulti but it's your call)
    -Once OS is installed, download all appropriate drivers (with Win7, windows update does a pretty good job but check device manager to make sure it didn't miss anything). If your mobo supports Intels RST, download it. The Crucials do not have compatibility issues with Intels RST driver
    -Disable Hibernate
    -Recommend setting the drive to never power off in power settings but it's your drive so do what you want

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