GTX 470 runs at 91 degrees playing Modern Warfare 4?

Well, I knew about the running hot part of Fermi but since a local store with a no restocking fee policy had them, I thought let me try the 470. I had a 5870 right before Fermi came out and returned it while it was under 30 days because I wanted to see how Fermi did.

If I remember right, when I ran FurMark on it, max was around 76C or 78C. Using the same exact settings, with the 470 I get:

I have 5 fans running through my system and sometimes feel I have TOO much airflow. Ahh well, no bigee I thought. I don't run a stress test normally, I only game... So let's game!

I threw on Mass Effect 2 with max settings. The 5870 didn't even know it was running. The 470 hit about 81C. I was a little worried so I threw on Modern Warfare 2 and with Max Settings, the card hit 91C after just a few moments!!! 74C with the 5870.

So yes, just know that all around this card runs much hotter. I just don't feel comfy with routine gaming being in the low 90's.

Ordered a Sapphire 5870 from Newegg and will stick with a quiet, low-heat card until something overwhelming comes out next.
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  1. the heat is a bonus! no need to have a bedroom heater in the winter time, you can pop popcorn on it in the summertime...
  2. The fan profile for the 470 and 480 seems very lax until it reaches ~93-94c then it fights to keep it there.
  3. It's really depressing! I thought for sure some of those complaining about the heat had small cases or just poor air flow in a larger case or high ambient temperatures or something...

    Yeah, the fan auto-adjusts and keep it from getting any higher than about 94-95C and I know I can turn the fan on much higher but the 5870 fan NEVER budged from auto for me.

    No matter what I threw at it.

    As much as I wanted to get another EVGA Nvidia card since I had such great luck with them, this was just weird.

    I should have known when they didn't have any 5870's in stock but had 3 of these.

  4. Oh yeah also the temps on my processor, etc. ran about 10C hotter due to the ambient air inside the case heating up.

    Just not worth the thermal heat damage to other components over time when I don't really get any better performance.

    Heh I'd like to make jokes too but it's just frustrating to spend the time/energy and it frys my fingers. There is literally a sticker on BOTH ends of the inside flaps inside the box WARNING against not touching the card for a good 3 minutes (I think it said) after powering off.

    First time I can remember seeing such a thing. No wonder.

    Damn you Nvidia, damn you.
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