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So, I've never purchased a SSD before and I just upgraded my GPU, but there's stutter or random FPS drops in some of my games and I was researching about it and I found out it could be linked to my current hard drive.

I'm not really sure, but I'm assuming a SSD is basically a better version of a hard drive. And what I'm wondering is, the current SSD I'm looking at and people are giving good feedback from it is at 128 GB, but my current hard drive has 232 GB, so that mean I'm going down to 128 GB because that's really low.

I honestly don't know, but everyone who has bought this:

Says it was good and worth it, so I'm not sure.

Please let me know,

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  1. SSDs only help with load times. They have no affect on FPS
  2. unksol said:
    SSDs only help with load times. They have no affect on FPS

    Well this is my source:

    Scroll down to the bottom and I have a very similar Windows score. My lowest score is the primary hard disk.
  3. From reading the article it appears that Stutter Lag & FPS are 2 separate issues.
    So a SSD will remove any stutter issues you might have, and unksol is correct that it won't increase FPS.

    The Crucial M4 is a great drive; you won't be disappointed with it.
    Keep your most frequently played games on the SSD and the rest on your HDD.
  4. which game in particular are you having this issue with? you could always get a 240GB SSD instead of the 128
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