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I have a little USB speakerphone for things that don't require audio quality and some great headphones for things that do. The headphones are plugged into the motherboard's audio output of course (3.5mm or 1/8" jack that's usually green). Anyway it uses Realtek drivers (Asus motherboard). I've set up a shortcut to get to the Sound Device selector but I still have to tab and navigate my way there. I'm wondering if there's a really fast shortcut I can somehow make to switch between audio outputs.

And is it possible to switch between the Front Audio jacks and the Rear Audio jacks on a motherboard? That would give me 2 analogue output possibilities.
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  1. if i am not wrong if u plugin to the front its automatically switch to the front. im not sure of 2 analogue outputs as i havent try it before
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