Foxconn pe-6ekrs power supply

i am having problems with my foxconn pe-6ekrs mobo.
i have a 350 watt power supply and i cant get it to power-up.
when i pug in the power supply to the mobo the fans come on and the mobo led's (right beside where the wires connect the power switch to the mobo) light up for just a sec then I loose all power.
There Is also some kind of issue with the power supply connector on the mobo because when you plug and unplug the connector various things result, wiggling the connector connection changes things.
How can I troubleshoot this?
Do you think it is a problem with the power supply or the mobo.
I would appreciate any suggestions on this matter!
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  1. It can be either or! Inspect both connectors since wiggling the connector helps, The connector on the board should not move, it is a possibility that one of the contacts in the PSU connector is not all the way in.
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