Is there a point to Momentus XT in new laptop with msata SRT caching?

I have <1 yr old Momentus XT that I love. The laptop I had it in just died (mobo failure). My replacement is on its way and includes 32GB msata configured as cache via Intel SRT. The new laptop comes with a 5200 rpm hdd.

I love the Momentus XT and want to continue benefiting from it. It seems redundant to swap it in as the system drive when everthing it caches for rapid read internally will be read from the msata cache first anyways. So....

Is it possible to disable SRT and format/partition the msata ssd as the boot partition? Then I could partition the Momentus XT as a second partition for larger programs and data. The XT would cache my most used documents and programs would load lightning fast.

Or, should I just kiss my XT goodbye and consider myself lucky that I have a full 32GB of msata caching? My wife's desktop needs a storage boost and I could get an adapter and install the XT there.

So, in summary, is there any way to benefit from having an XT and msata Intel SRT device in the same laptop?
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  1. I love the two Momentus XTs that I have in my laptop, seriously amazing notebook drives.

    If the mSATA is configured as a cache in firmware it may be possible to configure it as a standard drive, it should be attached as a storage device just like anything else, nothing special there.

    What I would avoid doing if I were you is having both the Momentus XT and the mSATA cache at the same time. The Momentus XT's internal cache means that some data could be cached twice, and that's just asking for trouble.

    If you do decide to give the Momentus XT to your wife you won't need anything special, just a 2.5 -> 3.5 drive caddy, costs about 5 bucks.
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