3dmark GTX 260 (core 192) score REALLY LOW

CPU score = 29050
GPU score = 9216

Motherboard - asus P5QC
CPU - E7300
RAM - 4gb
GPU - GTX 260 (192 core)
PSU - corsair 750TX
Case - antec nine hundred II

Temps are fine
but when i compare scores to others they have like 25000+

is my card damaged? is there a program i can run to see if it is?
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  1. if your talking about 3d mark vantage that should be around expected if it's running at straight stock speeds, I get around 12800 gpu on my 275 which has 48 more cores and it's pretty heavily overclocked, so this looks right around the correct range
  2. Haven't played 3Dmark in a while, but just ran it.
    I have a 192 core GTX260 clocked at 665/1431/1102, it scored 9969.
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