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Mobos aligned towards a certain Video Technology say Nvidia vs. ATI. Do they have a better push rate vs. the competitor or is it the middle of the road. For example the "GIGABYTE GA-890FXA-UD5 AM3" It pushes towards 3-way Crossfire. If you were to put an SLI configuration into it would it lessen the Liklihood of Performance since you didn't go ATi?

With so many different woes in this now new era of not being able to put what you want on the mobo to make it work with whatever you buy, and having to do so much research to get the perfect match with all the hardware thru the manufacturer to have the system even POST (its almost like is some ways reverting back to the proprietary days again). :o

I was just curious.

Thanks in advance
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  1. You actually CAN'T put an SLI configuration into that mobo. AMD chipsets do not support SLI. If you want SLI on AMD you need a mobo with an nForce chipset. Which are better avoided imo.
  2. with that being said, could you just run a Non SLI - yet nvidia single card in it with out any performance degradation on it? or would AMD single Radeon be a better solution since the board leans towards Radeon?
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    No in the way you are asking no. AMD/ATI do not necessarily match better than AMD/Nvidia and vise versa with Intel.
  4. AMD or nVidia, either GPU will provide equal performance on any platform, AMD, nVidia, or even Intel based chipesets. The only issues are certain chipsets support only Crossfire (AMD) certain chipsets support only SLI (Nvidia) and certain high end chipsets for the i5 and i7 from Intel will support both Crossfire and SLI.

    This is usually about the time someone will chime in and say something like "You can run SLI on a AMD chipset, there is a work around, or rather a hack that someone came out with a few years ago"

    And I say to that, okay well yeah, well and it works so stinking well that everyone quickly forgot all about it and you never hear of it anymore.
  5. Thank you all for your answers. I believe I have found what I was seeking.
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