BSODs, Freezes, Wrong POST Beep

I put this computer together 1 year ago and the POST Beep has been 1 short 1 long since the beginning. I experienced alot of issues during this one year.

The computer sometimes freezes when I have it running and the display turned off when I go to school. When I turn on the screen I'll see that everything is frozen and the time is of course frozen. When I leave it on and go to school at 8 AM it can freeze 8.30 AM. It's random.

I can't access BIOS sometimes. It displays a message "Wait..." in the middle of the screen. I have to reset CMOS for it to work for awhile. it will display the very same message after awhile or the next reboot. It's random.

Not only that I experience many different BSODs. Especially when I play games. Recently alot of BSODs when I try to play Battlefield Bad Company 2. Sometimes the BSODs will appear without any warning. But I will sometimes notice before a BSODs there is some sort of lag in the game. It looks like server lag. The game can after that crash to the desktop without any warning. Other programs like Windows Live Messenger will can crash too. When I try to start them they will soon crash again and after a few tries a BSOD appears.

My internet connection can also dissappear and sound in movies/youtube can be gone too. The movies will play very choppy without sound and the system will hang or a BSOD will appear after awhile.

Sometimes BSODs can appear after eachother. For example I get one BSOD and reboot. I can get another BSOD during boot or after windows has booted.

At first I thought it was my motherboard that was defective so I RMA'd it but the reseller said they didn't find any errors and the POST beep was 1 beep.

I tried swap my RAM with some old ones I and still got 1 short 1 long POST beep. I tried to use a PCI-E 8x graphics card nVidia 8600 GT and got 1 POST Beep but still got the "Wait..." message when I try to access BIOS. I tried the GTS 250 in the 8x slot thinking that the 16x slots were faulty but stll got 1 short 1 long POST beep.

I tried to manually set speed, timings and voltage for my RAM to recommended settings as someone suggested it in my other thread. But the system won't even POST if I as much as increase the speed and voltage to recommended values.

CPU: AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE
Motherboard: ASUS M4N82 Deluxe
RAM: Corsair TWIN 2X 4096-8500C5D
CPU cooler: Zalman 9700
Video Card: 2x SLI nVidia Geforce 250 GTS
Power Supply: Corsair TX 650W
Hard drive(s): 2x 500GB WD Caviar 7200 RPM
Operating System: Windows 7 64bit
Case: Cooler Master Mystique 631

POST Beep sound file:

Minidump for a BSOD I just got(I don't get the same BSOD everytime! Sometimes it's NON_PAGE, NOT_LESS_EQUAL):

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  1. Most recent BSOD looks like this:
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