GTX 480 driver 197.55

I just received two GTX 480's today and I noticed that my load times when I connect to servers in bad company 2 are much slower, probably about 3 times slower than my previous GTX 295 with 197.45 drivers.

I noticed with ATI's newest preview driver, 10.4, that it was supposed to improve load times in that game. Could this be an issue with these Nvidia drivers also?

Has anyone noticed this slow load time and have figured out if the 197.44 drivers have a faster load time? I dont know if I want to use those drivers though because the 197.55's are supposed to increased SLI performance for GTX 480's.
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  1. Just figured I would put in my system specs in here just incase
    i7 950 @ 3.7Ghz
    12 gigs of DDR3 1600 @ 1603Mhz
    2 X Intel X 25m's in raid 0, system and games
    1 X Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB
    2 X EVGA GTX 480's
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