Nice card for 775 socket computer with PCIe

Hello I am looking for a graphics card that is low power but has decent performance (if you saw my other post im helping my friend update his computer who does the same things as me pretty much but hes cheaper...Im just going to use I..we have most of the same components but he wants to upgrade and i want to replace)

I am making a silent computer since its mostly for HD watching videos so the card must be low power (im sort of anal about computer quietness) , but i do game a bit, ideally Supreme commander 2 and MAss effect 2. I feel comfortable over/underclocking so i can use that to increase and decrease consumption

I would like my Zalman VF900 heatsink to fit but I dont expect you to know if it will or not.

Im sort of on a budget but dont expect this card to be too expensive becuase of the rest of my system... maybe 100$

I have a Asus P5LD2 Deluxe mobo with a PCI-E x16 which i suspect is PCIe 1...
and I plan to buy a Core 2 Duo e7500
My current monitor is 1400x900
I have a 6600GT right now with my P4 and im looking at this GeForce 9500 GT Video Card or this 9600 GSO

I would like to use as little cooling as possible on my VF900...3.3V or 5V


a benchmark of performance vs power consumption would be awesome!
Will I be able to play MassEffect 2?

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  1. I dont know what type of power supply you have but these two cards from newegg are right around $105 after rebates and will greatly outperfom a 9500 GT and 9600 GSO.

    and here is one from tigerdirect.
  2. 220GT or HD4650 for your needs.

    Cheaper and better than what both above suggested...
  4. If you want something quiet and low power I would go for the 5670 that neomonkey suggested. The HIS IceQ coolers are usually relatively quiet. I installed 2 4670's in different systems before with this cooler and the power supply and cpu fan was louder.

    There are better performing cards at the $100 price point, but the 5670 is new and consumes little power. Max usage is 64 watts and idle board power is 15 watts.

    For better gaming performance a 5750 or 5770 would be a better choice though. However, they are a little over $100 but are really a better value for the performance they give. Both consume little power at idle and are relatively efficient even at max
    5750: 16W idle 86w max
    5770: 18w idle 108w max
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