Dual xeon or i7 980x

hey guys m planning to buy dual xeon e5520 2.2 ghz which will have 16threads or shld i go for i7 980x 3.3ghz 12threads...im working on multi threading applications pls suggest...
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  1. what apps in specific?
  2. 3ds max , maya and other multi threaded apps for heavy rendering
  3. id say definitely dual xeon.
  4. I don't know - the extra clockspeed could tip it in favor of the 980x, which will also probably have lower power consumption.
  5. I've buyed an i7 980x and i'm extremely content with it.
    Win-Mark (Microsoft Win 7 64Bit, Scale from/to 1.0-7.9): 7.8 7.8 7.9 7.9 7.7
    System: 1 x 980x, 24GB Ram, GeneIII, GTX480
    Nor Dual Xeon-System will do that
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