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I have a Nvidia 9800 GT installed on my computer which is a Q6600 Quad_core with windows 7, 4 GB RAM, Samsung Monitor with Max res of 1680*1050. The question is can I run ATI 5750 in conjunction (sorry I didn't know the exact term for running two cards together) with the already running Nvidia 9800GT ?
I mean if I put the ATI 5750 in another empty slot would they both work?

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    No they would not unfortunately, because they are from two different competitors they will not work together.

    It use to be that you could use the Nvidia card for PHYSX and the ATI card for everything else but Nvidia dropped that a couple of months ago.
  2. I know that someone released a work around that still lets you use physx with an ATI card as the display card here's a link
    but as for additional performance in no physx games your out of luck
  3. and it probably wouldn't be worth putting the stress on your power supply.
  4. I was getting a very good deal , for $ 200 i am getting AMD Phenom 2 x4 955 Black edition cpu and ATI Radeon 5750 , so I thought i'd keep the graphic card and sell the processor since for the processor I'd have to change the motherboard and everything too.

    So I guess i'd just drop the idea.

    Thanks for suggestions guys
  5. no problem.
  6. Ebay the 955 and the 9800GT that should get you at least the $200. The HD5750 is significantly better. It's definitely more appropriate for your resolution and also DX11 compatible.
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