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changed my desktop xp screen resolution and got "out of range" screen. however through safe mode i changed it to 800 by 600.but still it doesn't work. i even tried VGA mode.
it opens normally only when (msconfig, system configuration utility, /BASEVIDEO) is selected,other wise it doesn't.

now including to this problem my desktop gets struck at "windows is shutting screen" and does not close automatically.
i even did virus scan,but no virus is found.

please help me with this problem.
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  1. So what happened before you tried changing the res to 800 x 600? What res was it working at? After you get "out of range", what happens? Does it revert back to the previous res?
  2. i increased res to the pixel my monitor can't handle.i did put 800 by 600 pixel in safe mode.but still it didn't work.since monitor is getting struck with "windows is shutting down" screen,it became difficult.windows is not restoring to normal.can you tell me how to make the system shut down without getting struck with that screen.may be, then windows will restore the changes i made.
  3. now computer is not opening except with safe mode, even when /BASEVIDEO is selected in system configuration utility.
  4. my computer is ok now.i used system restore point.
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