I7-860 Running Too Hot-Not Overclocked

Hey all,

I'm sorry I had no idea as to where to post this..

I am planning on buying a new cpu cooler soon but right now my system is running totally stock with bios at standard settings. Usually it runs around upper 40's when at idle.

Today I ran Handbrake and about 10 minutes into it my motherboard alarm went off and temps were high 70's in all 4 cores!

Can you guys suggest anything here until I have enough money for a new cooling system? Under clocking perhaps? :cry:

Are these temps typical for a I7-860 with a stock fan?

Mo Bo-P55-USB3
Ram-8GB G. Skill Ripjaws
Case-Cooler Master Storm Scout
PSU-ModXtreme 700Watt
Video Card - HD5770

Tonight I have to do some mysql work which will be very cpu intensive. I don't want to fry my pc.. This is just unbelievable. On a side note, Handbrake is one of the few programs I have found that utilizes all 4 cores..


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  1. i wouldn't let it go over 85c

    intel stock coolers are POS, you should really get an after-market HSF
  2. I wouldn't disable the alarm. If you're getting up in the mid to high 70's, that's when you need to be notified. You don't want it getting any higher, so you need to stop it there. High temps can shorten hardware life and decrease performance.

    If it's just a temporary solution, remove the side of the case, and point a box fan at it. Buy a tube of thermal grease, and reapply on the CPU. Make sure the CPU fan is on tight. This should (hopefully) bring your temps down to mid 30's - mid 50's.
  3. Thanks guys--I hope to get a new cooler soon... I was hoping I could maybe change the settings to cool things down even if it made things a little slower for a few days. At least I can get my work done.

    I really don't want to bring the temp up to 100c.. I just built this computer 3 months ago. I'd hate to lose it so fast.

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    My "stock" answer to a very old problem:

    The stock Intel heatsink and fan are quite adequate;
    it's the stupid push-pins that are defective:

    This $5 part is very cost-effective:

    There are comparable backing plates for LGA1156 sockets too.

    We've switched to that kit on several Pentiums,
    even "Press-Hots", and all work fine, once the
    stupid push-pins are removed and replaced.

  5. I use Titan Fenrir V2 TTC-NK85TZ 120mm 20c idle 48c prime95. oc@4.0 28c idle 60 prime95. on I7 865K
  6. Funny you mentioned the Titan.. That is the one I have been planning on buying!

    Are you using that with the i7-860??

    How was the install???

    Anyonw know the cheapest place in the US to buy that?? Is there anything better/? I'm thinking I might buy that right now..I have been getting killed tonight doing my database work on my hp dual core Pavillion 9035--actually it is a decent laptop but it doesn't compare with the pc ...taking for ever to finish..
  7. Will they include any thermal gel or paste?? i don't think I have any and money is very tight.. lol
  8. Thanks, I used direct-o tron and paid about $51 including shipping.. I found a tub of thermal gel

    Hopefully this installs easily and solves my issues..

    Thank you guys for the help!!
  9. You're welcome.

    Good luck!
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  11. Update:

    I bought and installed the titan and temps are averaging in the low to mid 20's now at idle and temps rarely go over 30 under load. Under heavy load the highest I have measured is 51. That was with a slight over clock under extreme load!

    The fan is very quiet and I am very happy.

    Install was a bit of a pain with my set up but was doable...

    The price was amazing and it arrived very quickly. All in all a great buy..

    Thanks to those that helped! You guys are awesome!

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  12. Thanks for the update Rich.
    Good to hear!
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