GTX 260 or HD 5770 for GTA IV?

Hey guys im buying a new graphic card from, i live in Mexico i'll try to buy it from mexico and send it to a friend in US (I hope i can buy it from mexico)
However i was wondering if i should buy a HD 5770 XFX XXX Edition or an ASUS GTX 260 ?
Will GTA IV ever support DX 11 or they can't upgrade to DX 11?
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  1. 5770 performs the same, but supports DX11, supports eyefinity, uses less electricity, runs cooler, etc

    There is no reason to get a GTX260.
  2. You should go with the 5770 definitly, it's actually fairly cheaper, about as powerful, with dx 11 quiter, uses less power. So all around way better buy at this point. It should be a bit better in gta actually with the extra 100ish mbs of vram. But as for dx 11 in gta that won't happen, It wouldn't really make much sense at this point. the games has been realeased at this point, most of it's sales have been counted for and spends quite a bit of money to develop a dx 11 engine from a game, while also taking developer away from future projects isn't a sound business model
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