Optimal FAN connection method???

I just bought a NZXT M59 case, OCZ ModXstream 600W psu & ASUS P7P55D-E mobo.

The M59 case came with two 120 mm fans (rear and left-panel) as well as the ambient light strip on front panel.
My motherboard has one 3 pin and 4 pin connector.

What is the best way to connect these devices for best performance, control, efficient wiring?

I'm also looking to add two 140mm fans on top and a 120 mm in front for a total of 5 fans in the future.

Should i make a chain of molex connectors? Should they lead to the mobo or psu directly? Also it is safe to connect the m59's top light strip to 3pin fan port?
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  1. If all of the fans use molex connectors and you wish to change their speed you're going to need to buy a fan controller.
    The NZXT sentry is quite a popular one: http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/NZXT-Sentry-1-LCD-Black-Aluminum-Fan-and-Temperature-Controller-525

    Chaining them to the PSU is fine, although there's no way to change performance this way, which is still fine for most people unless you're sensitive to fan noise.

    I'd rather not attach that light strip to the mobo, although it 'could' be fine if you have any fan control options enabled in BIOS it could cause peculiarities.
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