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Hey everyone,

I have a question reguarding an older computer upgrade. I really want to be able to play star craft 2 but my pc is just too out of date. It is a gateway 500x built in 2002. it has a pentium 4 2.4 processor, 512mb ram, and 1 agp slot.

I dont have very much money to throw at this project so I thought I might try to upgrade the motherboard and cpu until I can really spend some money for a proper build. I am looking at only used parts because of the price, and I just wonder about my pc case. It is a mid tower case that claims to fit Micro ATX components. Since it is a gateway, I wonder if it will only take gateway micro ATX motherboards, or should all micro ATX mobos fit?


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    No, it should fit all microATX boards. Sometimes you have to do some modifications to make them fit correctly, but it should work. I actually just rebuilt one of that exact model late last year.

    Keep in mind, if you upgrade the CPU and motherboard, you'll likely need to upgrade the RAM as well. And unless you get a motherboard that has onboard graphics, you'll need to get a video card as well.
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    Good luck!
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