Sata hard drive not passing chkdsk /r


Am having issue with my hard disk. Discovered that windows vista is not loading.

What I have done so far

1. I tried using window vista repair utility. I got successfully message but when system restarts issue continues

2. I removed and slaved to hdd to my laptop and used chkdsk /f H: and tried fixing the HDD
which completed successfully but system still wont load os

3. I used chkdsk /r H: but it freezes at stage 5

pls help
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  1. I don't recall what stage 5 is, but the /r option can take quite some time,especially on larger drives. The /r option forces chkdsk to scan every sector on the drive, so be patient. I usually run the /r option before I go to bed and just let it run overnight.
  2. Chances are that hard drive is failing the best option would be to copy off any important data to laptop and if the drive is under warranty rma it.
    If you want a whole backup you would need an external usb drive hooked up to the laptop and hard drive image software like clonezilla.
  3. @Hawkeye22 I have run this check over night. But it never complete. It normally terminate with an error message.
    like "....error occurred and check can not be completed" ....

    Like i said the check never passed that stage
  4. @techguy911
    I can not access this hard drive like i mentioned earlier. When connected to a laptop with external sata kit , the system sees it as local disk, when you try opening it , you get an error message "not accessible "

    I have tried bunch of softwares but all failed. So of the software can not even identify the hard drive
  5. If it can't even pass a chkdsk, then it's proably failed beyond the recovery stage. Probably not much you can do now.
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