Diffrence b/w ati radeon hd 5450 & 5570.

Hello all.I am looking to buy a ati 5450
or 5570 because of them being dx11 and price.When i look for their features and specifications,they look almost same like their clock speeds,texture units etc.But their prices vary much.So please can anyone explain what differs in them.
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  1. just go to amd ati website and click on the option to compare and purchse..just select ur comparing models..u will get both specifications side by side to compare,u can find a lot of differences..
  2. The HD5570 is the entry-level budget-gaming card. It'll play source games fine, but will struggle with anythign else.
  3. If you really want speed and DX11, you really need to avoid those cards. The 57xx series are very good for the price and performance is great, especially with the 5770.

    The 58xx series are much faster and much better but at a higher price than the 57xx series.

    The 54xx and 55xx are budget cards and will not give you very good performance. Yeah, you'll get DX11, but at what cost to the performance?

    If you're not looking to game, but do video capturing, editing, watching, then yes, the 54xx or 55xx series are good for a HTPC.

    Since you are wanting DX11, I'm assuming you want to game. Therefore, avoid the 54xx and 55xx series and go for the 57xx or 58xx series instead.
  4. Actually my max res. is 1440*900.i just want playable fps on games like crysis with no ultra high settings.will 5570 serve the purpose at this resolution.
  5. I don't know. The 5570 is really not for gaming. It's really for HTPCs more than anything.

    However, some benchmarks out there show it can get around 40 to 50 fps for Crysis.

    Depending on the price, it might be better to try and get the 57xx series. Heck, even the 5750 is better than the 5570. And, it gives you more room to grown than the 55xx series does.
  6. Thanks mr. Isamuelson.
  7. I got ati 5550 and games run quite fine
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