Startup ssreen does not open


i manually changed ram setting. default was 2046 and i changed it to 3046. i have 4gb ram. i am running xp sp3. it asked for restart computer i restated it but it does not show startup screen. monitor keep led keep blinking. i removed the ram and then re assembled it. but still same problem i am facing tell me what do i do to reset my default ram setting. bios os nothing is opeining. help pls
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  1. you must reset your bios

    to do that check if there is a jumper in your motherboard net to a small batery . Check your motherboard manual to do that .
    If you dont have you manual then remove the batery and restart computer .
    then shutdown computer and put the batery again in the same position you take it off .
    after that everything shall work fine .
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